The crazy thing about interests is they can change so fast and seemingly come from nowhere.  Photography, and art for that matter, were way down on my list of interests as a child.  I spent all of my spare time on a field, in a gym or camping and fishing.  I always enjoyed looking at  photos and had them all over my walls but it never crossed my mind to pick up a camera.   It wasn’t until I was 20 on a trip in Australia that I got interested in getting behind the lens.  To go somewhere so different from where I grew up I couldn’t help but want to keep record of everything I might experience.  So I took a nice little point and shoot  and as luck would have it my little point and shoot was stolen which opened the door for my first real camera.  Ever since I have tried to create images that have a sense of feeling and wonder.  Not just record the moment but give the image emotion. Weather it be something as simple as a door, as beautiful as a sunset or as meaningful as a first dance.